Accessories for Alfa Romeo

Although we are the world’s leading brand for vehicle-specific guards and dividers, there are a range of other Travall accessories which could help you protect the interior of your car and make every journey safer. And, of course, we have accessories made especially for the Alfa Romeo, which have been tailored to the exact dimensions of the model you drive.

First up we have the Travall Guard for the Alfa Giulietta and 159 Sportwagon. These are world-leading products expertly engineered from the best available materials. They are very simple to install (with no vehicle modification) and they can play a key role in road safety by securing any loose cargo or luggage you have in your car, which could prove hazardous in a collision. Of course, Travall Guards are also ideal for pet owners who want to create a separate space in the rear for their dogs and keep muddy paws from ruining the seats.

For Alfa owners wanting to keep their vehicle looking its best, there’s also our popular range of Rubber Car Mats. Tough and hardwearing, yet flexible too, these have also been made especially for the Alfa you drive. This means the fit will be just perfect, with none of the laborious cutting involved with fitting the cheaper ‘universal’ style of rubber mats. They come with a raised outer edge to safely contain dirt and spills and have been infused with a pleasant vanilla scent. There are also a number of carefully-chosen, non-vehicle-specific accessories available from Travall, including seat covers and plastic and steel fuel cans in various sizes.

We have premium-quality accessories for the majority of Alfa models, including the 147, 159, Brevia, Giulietta, GT, GTV and MiTo.