Dog Guards for Alfa Romeo

Despite what you may think, our Dog Guard for the Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon is definitely not just for dog owners. That’s because, whenever you carry loose cargo in the rear of your car, there’s always the risk that it could cause serious injury to you and passengers if you’re involved in a collision.

159 Sportwagon 939 2006 - 2008
Dog Guards for 159 Sportwagon 939 2006 - 2008

Giulietta 940 2009 - 2013
Dog Guards for Giulietta 940 2009 - 2013

Giulietta 940 2013 - 2016
Dog Guards for Giulietta 940 2013 - 2016

159 Sportwagon 939 2008 - 2011
Dog Guards for 159 Sportwagon 939 2008 - 2011

Giulietta 940 2016 ->
Dog Guards for Giulietta 940 2016 ->

Figures show that each year hundreds of people are harmed by the seemingly innocuous things we all carry in our vehicles at some point or other – from shopping and luggage to pushchairs and tools. Even sudden braking could cause unsecured cargo to travel at speed through the Sportwagon’s cabin. But with a Travall Dog Guard installed between the car’s boot and rear passenger seats, the risks are considerably reduced – with its solid construction meaning it can typically absorb a weight of 30kg travelling at 80km/h.

If you do have a dog, and it often travels with you in the back of your Alfa 159, you’ll also be a lot safer. With your pet securely contained in their own space at the rear of the car, you’ll be free to concentrate fully on the road ahead, without any distractions from your best friend. And just think, no more muddy paw prints on your car seats on the way home after a long walk.

Our Dog Guard for the 159 Sportwagon is custom-built specifically for that make and model. This gives it many advantages over the universal or ‘one size fits all’ style of product, not least the fact that it will fit perfectly; looking as if it came with your car straight from the factory. It also means our cargo barriers are a lot easier to install. In fact, you can get the job done in around ten minutes. And, when you don’t need it on a journey, it takes just seconds to remove.