• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install


We know that there’s a wide choice of BMW accessories out there. And we know too that that choice can sometimes be overwhelming. But if you’re looking for an after-market product produced to the most demanding of quality standards; one which has been made exclusively for your model of BMW; and one has been expertly manufactured using the best available materials, you need look no further than Travall and our great range of accessories - whether you’re looking for added protection for your pets and passengers or car’s interior.

Installing a Travall Guard will not only create a distinct space for any dogs in the rear of your BMW, but safeguard against the very real dangers of travelling with unsecured cargo in the rear of your car. When you think that thousands of people each year are seriously injured by the everyday objects we all carry in our cars at some point, it’s an investment well worth making. Combine our Guard with a Travall Divider and you’ll also be able to make the most effective use of the cargo space in your vehicle. Both of these world-leading products have many advantages over the common ‘one size fits all’ type of products, and both make use of the best available materials and latest manufacturing processes.