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Boot Mats for BMW

Time is a precious commodity. So why waste it spending countless hours cleaning out the boot of your car? Instead, why not install this hardwearing yet flexible BMW Boot Mat Liner from Travall. Made from a tough rubber compound, which has many advantages over natural rubber or plastic boot mats, it offers great protection against the daily wear and tear which could easily ruin the interior of your car.

Another great advantage is that it has been made especially for the model you drive, using the precise interior dimensions. So whether you have a BMW X1, X3, X5, Series 3, Series 5 or Series 1, you can be assured of the perfect fit, and still have access to the boot’s anchor points.

You’ll find our Boot Mats are particularly useful if you regularly carry things like wet dogs, muddy walking boots and household waste in the rear of your car. With its raised outer edge, designed to safely contain any spills, it could also protect the interior carpet if any accidents happen, a spill from your weekly groceries, for example.

The advanced material used in the construction of our Boot Mats means they are far better at absorbing road noise and vibrations; providing far greater comfort for dogs if you transport them in the back of the BMW. If you do, you may also like to know that all our boot liners have been infused with a long-lasting vanilla scent to keep your car smelling fresh.