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Dividers for BMW

If, having fitted a Travall Guard in your BMW, you’re looking to make even better use of the available cargo space in your car, fitting this high-quality Divider from the world’s leading producer could just be the answer. By separating your boot into handy sections, the Divider will allow you to store items more effectively or, if you’re a pet owner, keep your dog away from things you don’t want it near, particularly if it likes to nose around in your weekly food shopping or chew on your favourite luggage. It’s also very useful for separating dogs who may not be the best of friends.

We have created custom-made dividers for the BMW 3 series, 5 series, X1, X3 and X5; all made to the same high standards as your Travall Guard. Using the latest manufacturing techniques, we form mild steel into shape and then finish it with a tough nylon-powder coating chosen especially for its resistance to scratches and knocks.

Just like your guard, the Travall Divider is incredibly easy to install, taking no longer than a matter of minutes. Realising you may not always need your guard on a trip, we’ve designed it to be easily removable too.