• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install


As this iconic American brand becomes an increasingly popular choice for discerning UK motorists, so we have created a range of premium-quality aftermarket car accessories, the majority of which have been designed and manufactured specifically for the Chevrolet you drive. This range includes our world-leading Guard for the larger Chevrolets, as well as hardwearing Rubber Mats and Boot Mat Liners.

Being vehicle-specific, our Chevrolet accessories have a number of key advantages over the ‘one size fits all’ type of products; the main one being the superior fit you get from something which has been made using the exact interior dimensions of your car. So, with our Boots Mats and Rubber car mats, there’s no need to cut them to size, which you have to do with universal products. When it comes to our Guards, it also means there’s an added element of safety, as the type of guards which fit all cars just aren’t as strong. They may be okay for keeping smaller dogs in the rear of the vehicle, but they’re just not up to the job of safely containing unsecured cargo which, in a collision, could cause serious injury to a car’s occupants.