Dividers for Citroen

Thereís a lot of space in the roomy interior of the Berlingo, Grand C4 and C5. If you want to make the most of it, why not equip your CitroŽn with this high-quality Divider, for use exclusively with the Travall Guard. Not only will it keep everything in place, significantly reducing the dangers of travelling with unsecured cargo, it will also make it easy to separate items that you donít want sitting together, dogs and food for instance.

Grand C4 Picasso 2006 - 2013
Dividers for Grand C4 Picasso 2006 - 2013

Grand C4 Picasso 2013 - 2016
Dividers for Grand C4 Picasso 2013 - 2016

Grand C4 Picasso 2016 ->
Dividers for Grand C4 Picasso 2016 ->

The Travall Divider can be attached to our dog guard in minutes, and itís even quicker to remove when you decide you donít need it on a trip. Itís made from the same premium quality materials as our guards too. It is expertly engineered from mild-steel using the advanced production techniques, then finished with our unique nylon-powder coating, making it ultra-tough and scratch-resistant.

If youíre a keen camper or sports enthusiast who regularly carries a lot of gear in your vehicle, we think youíll find our Divider particularly useful, as it will allow you compartmentalise your boot and make it easy to access specific items. Even if youíre not the sporty or outdoor type, there are still many advantages to installing this very useful CitroŽn accessory.