Dog Guards for Dacia

There’s no doubting the increasingly popularity of Dacia as a recognised brand amongst discerning and cost-conscious drivers looking for quality at an affordable price. Neither is there any doubting our place as the world’s leading brand when it comes to vehicle-specific dog guards. So, combine the two, and you could equip your Dacia Duster, Sandero, Logan or Dokker with a high-quality accessory which has been custom made specifically for the car you drive.

Duster (2010-2013)
Dog Guards for Duster (2010-2013)

Duster (2010-2013)
Logan MCV (2007-2013)
Dog Guards for Logan MCV (2007-2013)

Sandero 5 Door Hatchback (2008-2012)
Dog Guards for Sandero 5 Door Hatchback (2008-2012)

Lodgy (2012 ->)
Dog Guards for Lodgy (2012 ->)

Dokker (2013 ->)
Dog Guards for Dokker (2013 ->)

Sandero 5 Door Hatchback (2012 ->)
Dog Guards for Sandero 5 Door Hatchback (2012 ->)

Logan MCV (2013 ->)
Dog Guards for Logan MCV (2013 ->)

Duster (2013 ->)
Dog Guards for Duster (2013 ->)

Duster (2013 ->)

While called dog guards, they are not just for dog owners. And you certainly don’t need a four-legged friend to recognise the benefits of installing one. You see they can also play a major role in road safety by safely containing the kind of loose cargo nearly every car owner has in the rear of their vehicle at some point or another. We’re talking about things like the weekly shopping, sports kit, garden waste, luggage or DIY equipment. Anything which, if left unsecured, could be dangerous or even fatal in the event of a collision. Even small and seemingly harmless items could cause injury to the driver and passengers when travelling at speed. Just ask any of the hundreds of people who are seriously harmed each year by the loose cargo in their car.

The custom-made fit of our guards mean they are a lot stronger than the cheaper dog guards, which are made for any number of vehicles and models. So they are far more capable of stopping the progress of potentially harmful objects. Contributing to this is the material we have chosen for them; a high-grade mild-steel which has been laser cut then precision welded using the very latest manufacturing technology.

Of course, dog owners are sure to be delighted with our guards too, not least because fitting one in your Dacia will mean no more dirty seats and carpets from your dog’s muddy paws. It will also make driving a lot less stressful, because with no distractions you can give all your attention to the road ahead.