Accessories for Daewoo

For the Daewoo Tacuma we’ve created a vehicle-specific Guard that could safeguard you and your passengers from the very real dangers of travelling with unsecured cargo in your car. Every year, thousands of people are seriously injured by the kind of everyday items we all carry in our cars at some point or other. When travelling at speed through the cabin, following a forward collision, things such as shopping, luggage, tools and leisure equipment could prove potentially fatal. But with a Travall Guard installed, you’ll have a fixed barrier between the second row of seats and the cargo space in your car. Of course, if you have a dog, this will also preventing it from climbing over into the passenger area, which could be very distracting while driving.

While many cheaper universal guards are designed to fit a number of different vehicles, Travall Guards are made just for the car you drive. So, even on the roughest roads, they won’t rattle, squeak or collapse. Even better, they can be installed in minutes with just basic tools. For the Tacuma, this should take no longer than ten minutes, using our easy-to-follow fitting instructions. And, unlike some guards, it doesn’t require any modification to your vehicle’s interior (a real bonus when it comes to the resale value).

All our Guards are constructed from a high-grade mild steel that has been laser-cut and precision welded. It’s then finished with a dark grey, ultra-tough nylon coating that’s extremely scratch-resistant. This means that your Travall Guard will last for many years to come, while making every journey you take in your Tacuma in those year a whole lot safer. So, if you’re looking for an essential accessory that’s been expertly engineered using the exact dimensions of your Daewoo, look to Travall every time.