Dog Guards for Daewoo

Even though the last Tacuma was made in 2005, there’s no reason you shouldn’t equip yours with this thoroughly modern accessory that’s been expertly engineered specifically for the Daewoo you drive. An accessory that’s not only an ideal choice for pet owners, Our Tacuma Dog Guard is made from high-grade mild steel which we’ve given a super-tough nylon powder coating that’s three times thicker than that of any other vehicle-specific guard on the market. In creating it, we’ve drawn on our extensive manufacturing experience and have used the very latest production techniques, such as laser cutting and precision welding.

Tacuma 2000 - 2005
Dog Guards for Tacuma 2000 - 2005

So this high quality guard is certainly strong enough to halt the progress of any loose cargo that could seriously harm you and your passengers if your Daewoo is involved in a collision. That’s important, because thousands of people every year are injured, sometimes fatally, by the kind of items found in most cars, whether that’s shopping, luggage, tools or sports kit. And it doesn’t even have to be a collision, as even sharp braking could cause potentially harmful objects to fly forward at speed towards people travelling in the vehicle.

For dog owners, fitting a Travall guard in the Tacuma has even more advantages. Firstly, with your pet secure in their own space in the rear of the vehicle, you won’t have to worry about any distractions while you’re trying to concentrate on your driving. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that your clean seats and the car’s carpets will be free from any dirty paw prints. Your new Dog Guard will come with easy-to-follow fitting instructions, and we estimate you could easily get the job done in around 15 minutes, if not less. And, when you decide you don’t need the guard on your next trip, it can be removed in just seconds.