Accessories for Dodge

There’s plenty of space in the back of the Dodge Nitro and the seven-seat Journey to stow most of the things you’d ever need to carry – from luggage for a family holiday to the monthly supermarket shopping and a trip to the DIY store. But did you know that, in the event of an accident, any of the items you carry in the back of your Dodge could prove to be extremely dangerous, if they are left unsecured?

Every year very many people are seriously injured after being struck by the everyday objects we all carry in our cars at some point. However, by fitting a Travall Guard in your Nitro or Journey, there will be a solid barrier between the cargo area and the car’s passengers – making sure that any unsecured items stay right where they are if you are unlucky enough to be involved in a frontal collision.

So dog guards are certainly not just for dog owners. However, if you do have a dog, and they’re fond of running around the interior of your car, a Travall Guard could definitely prove useful by confining your best friend (and their muddy paws) to the back of the Dodge.

The Travall Guard is expertly constructed from high-quality mild steel, which we’ve finished with a tough, scratch-resistant coating which is three times thicker than that found on competitor guards. Best of all, it’s been made just for your particular make and model of car, which guarantees a perfect, rattle-free fit – without the need for any drilling or vehicle modification. It can be installed easily in just minutes, and is just as quick and simple to remove if not needed on a trip. The Dodge Journey and Nitro are great vehicles. So why settle for inferior Dodge accessories when you can have the very best products from Travall.