Dog Guards for Dodge

There’s a quite lot of room in the rear of both the Dodge Nitro and Dodge Journey. Which, obviously, means you can pack a lot into them. But the more you pack in, the greater the danger of travelling with unsecured cargo becomes. If you are unaware of these dangers, just keep in mind that there are many hundreds of people injured on the roads each and every year by the items we’ve probably all carried in our cars at some time or another. The thing is, if you’re involved in a collision, these items can not only travel through the cabin at speed, they also become many times heavier than their weight when static.

Grand Caravan 2007 ->
Dog Guards for Grand Caravan 2007 ->

Durango 2010 - 2014
Dog Guards for Durango 2010 - 2014

Durango 2014 ->
Dog Guards for Durango 2014 ->

This means that objects as seemingly harmless as shopping, luggage, tools and even pushchairs could prove potentially fatal. However, with a Travall Dog Guard fitted in your Dodge, there’ll be a strong barrier protecting you and your passengers from serious harm – with our guards being able to typically absorb a weight of 30kg travelling at 80km/h. And it’s unlikely any universal style of dog guard is going to be anywhere near as sturdy.

Part of this guard’s strength comes from its custom-made design, meaning that every one we make has been created for a specific vehicle and its year of manufacture. This ensures a perfect fit and a dog guard that’s certain to stay in place, no matter what. It makes installation very quick and easy too. We think most people could get the job done in around ten minutes by following the clear and concise instructions that come with every order. Also, unlike the ‘one size fits all’ type of guard, our bespoke design takes into account the position of any side airbags in your vehicle.

Coming with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing faults, our dog guards for the Dodge Journey and Nitro are expertly engineered from high-grade mild steel, which we’ve finished with an extremely tough, scratch-resistant nylon coating.