Accessories for Fiat

The great thing about the high-quality Fiat accessories available from Travall is that they are specific to your particular vehicle, so they will fit like no universal type of product ever could. In the case of the Travall Guard, that means easy installation and a rattle-free journey, while the vehicle-specific nature of our hardwearing Rubber Car Mats does away with the need to trim the mats yourself, which is major disadvantage of the cheaper, ‘one size fits all’ style of mats.

There are two big advantages to fitting a Travall Guard in your Fiat. Firstly, if you are a dog owner, installing one will allow you to drive without potentially dangerous distractions from your furry best friend, while leaving your clean upholstery free from muddy paw prints. Secondly, our Guard is an essential accessory if you ever travel with loose items of cargo in the rear of your vehicle. That’s because, in a frontal collision, even small unsecured items could prove fatal to drivers and passengers as they are propelled forward at speed through the car.

It takes just minutes to install a Travall Guard and, when it’s not required on a journey, it can be removed in even less time and with even less effort. And, unlike some vehicle-specific guards, ours does not require you to modify or drill into your car’s interior in any way. As for our tough yet lightweight Rubber Car Mats, they offer ideal protect against all the dirt and water we invariably tread into our vehicles at some point. Both guard and mats are constructed from the best available materials – an advanced rubber compound for our mats and high-grade mild steel for the Travall guard.

From the 500, Doblo, Freemont and Grande Punto to the Idea, Panda, Qubo and Sedici, Travall have two great vehicle-specific Fiat accessories for the car you drive.