Dividers for Fiat

With the vast amount of space in the rear of the Fiat Doblo, it’s not always that easy to keep your cargo in one place. But with a full-height Travall Divider fitted, you can make sure all your gear stays exactly where it’s supposed to. It’s also an essential Fiat accessory if you’re a pet owner who wants to keep their dog away from things like the weekly food shopping, or even other dogs if you’re carrying two of them.

Tipo 358 2016 ->

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicle-specific dividers, made exclusively for use with our popular Travall Guard. Contributing to this position is our commitment to design innovation and our use of the best available materials. For both our guard and divider we use laser-cut and precision-welded mild steel, which we then finish with a unique nylon-powder coating that’s extremely resistant to scratches.

If you already have one of our dog guards, you’ll know just how easy they are to install. Well, our Divider is even easier. In around tem minutes you can fit what we believe will be a key addition to your Doblo. Realising that you may not need the Divider on every journey, we’ve designed it so that it can be removed (and reinstalled) in a matter of seconds.