Dog Guards for Fiat

Whether you drive a Grand Punto, 500L, Doblo or even the smaller Panda, we have created a high-quality Dog Guard for your Fiat. And the great thing about is that it’s been custom designed just for your particular model, even the year it was made. This gives it the great advantage of fitting easily and looking like it came with your car straight out of the factory. We think it will certainly fit better and look better than any of the cheaper guards that, somehow, are able to fit any number of vehicles.

500L 2012 ->
Dog Guards for 500L 2012 ->

Tipo 357 2016 ->

It’ll be stronger too, which is important. Especially when you realise the high number of serious injuries that are caused by unsecured cargo in vehicles. This means that things like tools, leisure equipment and even the weekly shopping could cause considerable harm. In fact, because of simple physics, items just like these like these weigh many times their original weight when traveling through the car after a collision. Even sharp and sudden braking could cause them to fly forward and injure you or your passengers.

If you have a dog as well as a Fiat, fitting our guard means you’ll at last be able to drive without any potentially dangerous distractions from your pet. As they’ll be in their own space in the rear of your car, you won’t have to worry about muddy paw prints ruining your clean upholstery and carpets either.

Our Fiat Dog Guards are expertly engineered from high-grade mild steel using the latest manufacturing techniques, including laser cutting and precision welding. They have been finished with a thick nylon powder coating (in a neutral shade of grey) which makes them very tough and extremely resistant to scratches. You could install a Travall guard in well under 15 minutes by following the clear instructions provided. When not needed on a trip, it can be removed very easily in seconds.