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Dividers for Ford

The dog guards we have created for Ford are some of our most popular, and we’ve dividers too for the most popular Ford models, including the Focus, Mondeo, Kuga, S-Max and C-Max. Fitting one will allow you to make the best possible use of the available space in the cargo area of your Ford. It’s also ideal if you want to keep things separate in the car’s boot - dogs and food for instance or muddy walking gear and luggage. It’s also an ideal accessory if you regularly travel with two dogs who aren’t perhaps the best of friends.

We make our dividers in exactly the same way as our world-leading dog guards. So we laser-cut and precision-weld a high quality mild steel which we then protect with a unique, ultra-tough nylon-powder coating that’s extremely resistant to knocks and scratches.

The Divider can be installed in your Ford in a matter of minutes. You can do it easily at home with our easy-to-follow fitting guide. When not required on a journey, it can be removed in seconds. So, if you want to pack your car even more effectively, we think you’ll find our Divider an indispensable addition to the Travall dog guard.