Boot Mats for Honda

When you think of all the things you have to carry in your CR-V, it’s no wonder that dirt and spills can so easily damage the interior of your car. One of the easiest ways to prevent damage is with a Honda Boot Mat Liner from Travall, designed and manufactured especially for the CR-V.

CR-V 2006 - 2009
Boot Mats for CR-V 2006 - 2009

CR-V 2011 - 2014
Boot Mats for CR-V 2011 - 2014

CR-V 2009 - 2011
Boot Mats for CR-V 2009 - 2011

CR-V 2014 - 2017
Boot Mats for CR-V 2014 - 2017

CR-V 2017 ->
Boot Mats for CR-V 2017 ->

Leaks and spills are combated through the mat’s innovative design, with raised sides to ensure that everything is kept safely within the liner, without ruining the boot floor. Pet owners who often travel with a muddy dog in the back will especially appreciate the mat’s protective qualities. It’s even infused with a long-lasting vanilla scent to control odour and ensure that the car stays fresh and clean.

Manufactured using an advanced rubber compound that’s both lightweight and hardwearing, these liners are designed exclusively for the CR-V, giving the perfect fit and allowing you to use the existing anchor points in the boot; something which the cheaper ‘one size fits all’ mats don’t take into consideration. They come with a non-slip surface pattern and, if you’ve already damaged the boot floor, they will easily disguise any stains or marks. So, if you’re looking for the very best protection for one of the most vulnerable areas of your CR-V, invest in this most useful of Honda accessories.