Accessories for Hyundai

As the Hyundai is such an increasingly popular choice of car, there are an increasing number of Hyundai accessories available on the market. And it’s true to say that choosing one can often be confusing. However, there’s one sure way you can be sure of the perfect fit and the highest quality. And that’s by choosing Travall. That’s because not only do we use the best available materials for our Honda accessories, we also tailor them specifically to the car you drive. Being vehicle specific, they are simple to install and will give you a fit that’s far better than any of the inexpensive ‘one size fits all’ products which you can find almost everywhere.

Take the Travall Guard and Divider, for example. These have been designed using the exact measurements of the particular Honda you drive. This means that they can be installed in just minutes to give the perfect rattle-free fit. The Travall Guard adds an extra degree of protection while you’re driving by safely containing pets and guarding against the very real dangers of travelling with loose cargo, which is proven to be a significant cause of injury in the event of a frontal collision. That’s because everyday items can prove very dangerous when they are travelling at great speed through a car’s cabin towards the driver and passengers.

If you’re looking to protect your Honda from everyday wear and tear, we have rubber mats for three i series Hyundais. These are tough yet flexible and come with a raised outer lip to prevent dirt and liquids running off onto the car’s carpeting. They have also been infused with a pleasant, long-lasting vanilla scent to keep your car smelling fresh for many months to come.

We produce a wide range of Hyundai accessories, for models including the Santa Fe Accent, Tucson, i10, i20, i30, i40, ix35 and ix20.