• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install


By far the best way to protect your Hyundai’s paintwork from any damage is with this Travall rear bumper guard. Available in stylish stainless steel or extremely tough ABS plastic (the same material used for protective headgear and white water canoes) it will provide an outstanding level of protection for the bodywork surrounding the vulnerable boot area.

Fitting a Travall Protector could also save you money on expensive resprays and retouching if your Santa Fe or Tucson is damaged by the bulky or awkward items most of us have to transport at some time or other. Things like sports or camping equipment, holiday luggage, tools or baby buggies.

Our bumper guard for Hyundai has been designed and manufactured to the precise measurements of your Tucson or Santa Fe. Its vehicle-specific design means that it will fit perfectly on the exposed paintwork at the rear of the boot. In fact, the fit will be so seamless that it will look as though it was supplied with the car.

The Travall Protector is incredibly easy to fit. It attaches to your vehicle using super-strong 3M™ automotive tape, which we supply with every order, along with a handy degreasing cloth to ensure the very best adhesion to the bodywork. So, in around 15 minutes, you could equip your Hyundai with one of the most practical of car accessories, which will provide long-lasting protection for years and years. If you’ve already scratched or scuffed the paintwork around the rear of the boot, you’ll find that the Travall Protector will also do a fantastic job of concealing existing damage.

This premium-quality rear bumper guard is currently available for the Hyundai Tucson and Santa Fe, and it’s just one of a range of stylish yet practical vehicle-specific accessories from Travall.