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Dog Guards for Jeep

As well as being an official distributor of market-leading products from American Jeep specialist, Bestop, we have created our very own dog guard for this most iconic of vehicles, with the very first one made currently siting in our company Wrangler JK. However, we do manufacturer high quality guards for the whole Jeep range, from the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee to the Patriot, Commander, Compass and Wrangler. All of them made using the best available materials and the latest production techniques.

Whatever model you own, fitting a Travall Dog Guard will significantly enhance the level of safety, on road or off, for everyone who regularly travels with loose cargo in the rear of their Jeep. (And who doesn’t at some time or another?). When you realise that very many people are injured every year by unsecured items following a collision, a dog guard becomes a necessity rather than just another useful addition to one of the most accessorised of vehicles. And we don’t necessarily mean heavy items, like tools, baby buggies or golf clubs, as even the smallest of objects can cause considerable harm when travelling at speed. Even items from your monthly grocery shop or suitcases.

We realise that there’s a lot of choice out there in the market when it comes to dog guards. However, we believe that none of the cheap, universal type of guards can compare with our custom-made version when it comes to strength, reliability and build quality. And while there are other vehicle-specific dog guards available, quite a number require you to drill into the interior of your Jeep, spoiling its looks and, ultimately, affecting the resale value. Some too need to be professionally installed, so come with a lot of added expense.

You can fit a Jeep Dog Guard from Travall at home very easily. Using the clear and simple-to-follow instructions, we guess most people can get the job done in under 20 minutes. When your Jeep is empty or you’re not travelling with your pet, it can be removed in seconds, just as easily.