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If you’re at all concerned about safety while out on the road, fitting a Travall Guard in your Kia could prove to be a very wise investment indeed. That’s because it will protect you and your passengers from the potential injuries which could be caused if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a frontal collision. In fact, even sharp braking could cause objects in the rear of your car to fly forward at considerable speed. And this is something which seriously injures thousands of people on UK roads each year. However, with a Travall Guard fitted, there will be a strong barrier between you and the everyday object6s in the rear of your vehicle which could prove extremely hazardous.

As the Kia is such a popular make, we have also created a range of other accessories which, just like the Travall Guard, are all made specifically for your vehicle. We’ve found that this is the only way in which we can guarantee the best fir possible. So, unlike cheaper universal accessories, ours are very simple to install. We’ve a handy Divider - which attaches to the Travall Guard - that will make packing your car a whole lot easier. It’s also great for stopping dogs getting their nose into your weekly groceries.