Accessories for Lancia

When it comes to protecting the interior of your car, there are very many Lancia car mats from which to choose. And that choice can often be very confusing. However, if you’re looking for mats which will fit just perfectly, vehicle-specific ones (which have been made just for your make and model), are by far the best option. If you’re also looking for quality, from a product that will last and last without fading, then choose Travall Rubber Mats.

Constructed using the exact interior dimensions of the Lancia you drive, these vehicle-specific mats will give you a far superior fit than any of the cheaper ‘one size fits all’ style of mats which you can get almost anywhere. Another great advantage of our mats is that they come with a raised outer edge which has been designed to safely contain any dirt and spills which make their way into your vehicle. This is a particularly useful feature if you’re at all concerned about maintaining the integrity of your Lancia’s carpets, which is a big consideration when it comes to resale value. Of course, if the carpeting is already looking a little tired, these mats will do a great job of covering up any damage.

The materials we’ve selected for our mats is an advanced rubber compound which is extremely hardwearing, yet still lightweight and flexible – making installation very simple. This material, which has been infused with a long-lasting vanilla scent, is also resistant to cracking and fading from exposure to UV light. We know that loose mats, which slide around near the brake and accelerator pedals, can be a very real hazard when driving. Which is why ours come with strong fixings which attach to the existing anchor points in your Lancia.

Travall have vehicle-specific Lancia Rubber Mats for the following models: Delta 5, Musa and Ypsilon.