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Land Rover

Travall’s established position as the world’s leading name for vehicle-specific guards and dividers is built on a reputation for design innovation and engineering excellence. Using the very latest manufacturing technology and techniques, we produce a range of high quality, vehicle-specific accessories especially for the Land Rover range. All of which have been created using the exact dimensions of the car you drive.

The Travall Guard is an essential accessory for those who often travel with unsecured cargo in the rear of their car. Forming a strong barrier between the rear seats and the boot, it could prevent items seriously injuring driver and passengers in the event of a collision, or even sharp braking. Of course, if you also have a dog that you regularly take with you in your Land Rover, the Travall Guard is ideal for keeping them safely in the back, without distracting you while you’re driving or putting their muddy paws on the upholstery. Combine the Guard with a Divider, and you can also keep them away from things like your weekly shopping. Both these Land Rover accessories can be installed very easily in just minutes, and are even easier to remove if not needed.