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Dividers for Land Rover

With a Travall Divider installed in your Land Rover, you could make even better use of the room in the spacious interior of your Discovery or Range Rover. Simply attach it to the Travall Dog Guard and you’ll be able to stow gear far more effectively and separate things you don’t want sitting together. For instance, it will keep dogs from your groceries or muddy walking boots from luggage. It’s also ideal if you need to keep two dogs apart while out on the road.

Just like your Land Rover, our Dividers and Dog Guards are expertly engineered, made using the best available materials and designed to put up with a lot of punishment. That’s because the laser-cut mild steel we use for the frame is finished with an ultra-tough nylon-powder coating that’s been developed exclusively for us, making extremely resistant to the everyday knocks and scratches that can occur when loading.

Unlike some dog guard/divider combinations, ours requires no modification to the interior of your car, so no drilling or unsightly holes. As it has been made exclusively for the Rand Rover or Discovery, installation is also very easy. It can be fitted at home in just minutes. So no expensive installation bills from your Land Rover dealer either.