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Dog Guards for Land Rover

Land Rovers are recognised throughout the world for their ruggedness and reliability, whether on or off the road. Travall are the world’s leading producer of vehicle-specific dog guards, which are also recognised for their strength and dependability. So, if you’re looking for a guard that’s just as tough, and as well-designed, as the Land Rover itself, you’ve found it.

From the older 110, 90 and Freelanders to the Range Rover Sport, Discovery and Evoque, we have created an extensive range of high quality dog Guards exclusively for these iconic of vehicles. Each one is made in the UK’s engineering heartland from the best available materials. We laser-cut and precision-weld high grade steel, which is then nylon-powder coated using a formula unique to Travall. This gives our dog guards an attractive and ultra-tough finish which is extremely resistant to scratches and knocks.

Because our guards are custom-made, they are considerably stronger than the ‘one size fits all’ kind of products that are so readily available in the shops or online. So why compromise the interior of your Land Rover with an inferior accessory. Plus, with a stronger guard, you’re better protected against the very real dangers of travelling with unsecured cargo in your vehicle. When you realise that hundreds of people are seriously injured each year by the things we all carry in our cars, investing in a custom-made dog guard really does make sense. And we’re not just talking about particularly heavy items, like tools, golf clubs or baby buggies. Even a bottle of water or a tin from your weekly shopping can cause harm when travelling through the vehicle at speed. In a collision, these things will be many times their original weight too.

Of course, as the name suggests, our Dog Guards are also an ideal accessory for Land Rover owners who also own a dog. Firstly because there will be no more distractions while you’re driving, and with your pet in the rear of the vehicle you can concentrate fully on the road. There’s also the fact that a guard will stop wet and dirty paws from ruining your car’s seats and carpets.