Accessories for Lexus

Whether you’re concerned about unsecured cargo, the owner of an enthusiastic dog or just want to load your car more efficiently, you really should consider putting a Travall Guard in your Lexus. Especially considering how easy they are to install – we figure about 15 minutes at the most. And, unlike some vehicle-specific guards, you don’t need to modify your car in any way. So no messy drilling or unsightly holes. In fact, when it comes to Lexus accessories, we believe it’s one of the best you could ever buy. And it could just save your life.

That’s because, if you’re involved in a frontal collision, it could protect you and your passengers from being seriously injured by any loose items you have in the rear of your Lexus. When you consider the many hundreds of people who are harmed on UK roads each year by the everyday objects we all carry in our cars, the Travall Guard is not only a handy accessory, it’s an necessary investment. Especially if you travel with a rear-facing child seat in your Lexus.

If you are also a dog owner, there’s even more reason to but a Travall Guard. Not only will it stop boisterous best friends from distracting you while you’re driving, it will also stop their dirty paws from spoiling your car’s clean seats and carpets. Combine our Guard with a Travall Divider and you have even more advantages. For one thing, you can handily separate your dog from items such as groceries and luggage, or even from other dogs if they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye when travelling in a car. It’s also very handy for making best use of the available space in the Lexus when travelling with a full load, on a family holiday, for instance.

We have Lexus accessories for a number of the leading models from this prestigious brand, including the CT, NX and RX.