Dividers for Lexus

There’s plenty of room in the spacious interior of the Lexus RX. But with a Travall Divider installed, you could be making much better use of it. Attaching simply to our Dog Guard, it separates your boot into two distinct spaces; ideal if you need to have things sitting apart – your dog and the food shopping for example, or muddy walking gear and luggage. And then there’s the safety aspect. With unsecured cargo packed safely between the Divider, and behind your Travall Dog Guard, the loose items most of us carry at some time or another are is far less likely to injure the car’s occupants if involved in a collision.

NX 2014 ->
Dividers for NX 2014 ->

RX 2015 ->
Dividers for RX 2015 ->

GX 2009 - 2013
Dividers for GX 2009 - 2013

GX 2013 ->
Dividers for GX 2013 ->

Just like our Dog Guard, which you’ll also need, this is a premium-quality product that has been carefully designed and engineered using the best available materials and the very latest production techniques, including precision welding and laser cutting. Over a rigid frame of mild steel we place a tough protective coating using a unique nylon-powder finish; making the Divider extremely resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Like the majority of Travall products, this Divider is vehicle specific, meaning it has been created just for the Lexus RX. This gives it the great advantage of being incredibly quick and easy to install, with no vehicle modification needed. When it’s not wanted on a journey, it’s also very simple to remove and reinstall.