Dog Guards for Lexus

Exclusively for the Lexus RX and CT, we have created premium-quality dog guards which have been expertly engineered using the exact interior dimensions of the vehicle you drive. The advantages of Travall custom-made products are many, not least their strength. As the fixing mechanisms of our guards take into account the design of your vehicle, they fit better and are far more robust than the cheap, universal style of guards which are made for a great number of different vehicles.

CT 200H 2011 - 2013
Dog Guards for CT 200H 2011 - 2013

RX 2003 - 2008
Dog Guards for RX 2003 - 2008

RX 2008 - 2012
Dog Guards for RX 2008 - 2012

RX 2012 - 2015
Dog Guards for RX 2012 - 2015

NX 2014 ->
Dog Guards for NX 2014 ->

RX 2015 ->
Dog Guards for RX 2015 ->

CT 200H 2013 ->
Dog Guards for CT 200H 2013 ->

GX 2009 - 2013
Dog Guards for GX 2009 - 2013

GX 2013 ->
Dog Guards for GX 2013 ->

This strength becomes even more important if you ever travel with unsecured cargo in your Lexus. You see, thousands of people each year are injured by the everyday objects that we have in our cars at some time or another, some of them fatally. Things like shopping, sports equipment, tools and luggage can cause serious harm when they are travelling at speed through the car following a collision, or even sudden braking. However, with a Travall guard between the car’s occupants and the loose cargo in the boot, you and your passengers will be protected; with our dog guards typically absorbing a weight of 30kg travelling at 80km/h.

Dog owners will also benefit from the fact that, with theirs pets sitting in their own space at the rear of the RX or CT, they can drive far more safely without any distractions, being able to focus fully on the road ahead. Neither will there be any muddy paw prints on the seats and carpeting of the Lexus.

The custom-made nature of the Dog Guard means that it can be fitted both quickly and simply. You’ll have clear and concise installation instructions to follow, and you can get the job done in around ten minutes. There’s no need for any vehicle modification and, unlike some vehicle-specific guards, ours can be fitted easily at home. So no expensive bills from your local Lexus dealer.