Boot Mats for Mazda

Having obtained the exact specifications of the Mazda CX-5, we’ve created a premium-quality Boot Mat Liner that will fit just perfectly. Certainly far better than any of the cheap, universal-style mats available on the market. Combined with their flexibility and light weight, this means they are very easy to install, and even easier to remove when it comes to cleaning.

CX-5 2012 - 2015
Boot Mats for CX-5 2012 - 2015

CX-3 2015 ->
Boot Mats for CX-3 2015 ->

CX-5 2015 - 2017
Boot Mats for CX-5 2015 - 2017

CX-5 2017 ->
Boot Mats for CX-5 2017 ->

3 5 Door Hatchback BP 2019 ->
Boot Mats for 3 5 Door Hatchback BP 2019 ->

All our Boot Mat Liners are constructed from tough and hardwearing rubber compound that will not crack or fade. They have a non-slip surface pattern and a raised outer edge which will guarantee that any spillages are safely contained, without ruining the appearance of your boot floor. If you often travel with your dog, you’ll also be pleased to learn that our boot liners are infused with the attractive scent of vanilla, which will keep your car smelling fresh for a long time.

A Mazda Boot Mat from Travall offers maximum protection from the dust and grime and that can so easily accumulate in the rear of your car. As it has been designed specifically for your CX-5, you’ll still have access to the anchor points in the boot. When you’re traveling without the parcel shelf fitted, you will also notice a noticeable reduction in road noise.