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Dividers for Mercedes Benz

Having invested in a Mercedes, why accept any compromise on quality when it comes to equipping it with accessories? Why settle for a cheap, universal style product when you can have one made exclusively for your vehicle?

Travall Dividers have been created especially for the Mercedes you drive, whether that’s a C-Class, E-Class, ML-Class or CLS. Each one is finished with a unique, ultra-tough nylon-powder coating, in the exactly the same colour as your Travall Dog Guard. This coating sits on top of a high-grade mild-steel frame and mesh made using advanced manufacturing techniques, including laser cutting and precision welding.

Our Dividers are the ideal Mercedes accessory if you’re looking to make the best use of the space in the rear of your car. And, if you have an ML or an estate version of the E-Class or CLS, that’s a considerable amount of space we’re talking about. By compartmentalising and safely stowing the items you are carrying, it will also help guard against the potential dangers travelling with unsecured gear in your car.

You can fit our Divider in your Mercedes in well under 15 minutes, and with no modification needed to the vehicle’s interior. And, if you don’t need it on a particular journey, it takes just seconds to remove.