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Dog Guards for Mercedes Benz

Just like Mercedes, we put a lot of thought into the materials we use and the manufacturing techniques we employ. And we’re just as committed to the highest quality standards. In our case, the result is a premium Dog Guard that has been custom-made exclusively for the model you drive, whether that’s an A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, CLS Shooting Brake or the large M-Class.

The Travall guard is constructed from high grade mild steel which is laser cut, precision welded and then given a scratch-resistant nylon-powder coating in a neutral shade of grey chosen because it complements most colour schemes. It can be fitted at home in around 10 minutes and, unlike some other vehicle specific guards, it does not required drilling or any modification to interior of the Mercedes.

The major advantage of fitting a Travall Dog Guard in your car is that it will act as a strong barrier between the passenger area and any unsecured cargo you may have in the rear of the vehicle. This could prove vitally important because loose items can cause very serious injuries if you are involved in a collision. Hundreds of drivers and passengers are harmed each year by the kind of items we all carry in our cars at some time or another. And we’re not just talking about large items, like golf clubs, tools, suitcases or baby buggies. Even smaller, lighter things, such as groceries and hand luggage can prove harmful if you’re unfortunate enough to be in a crash.

The added advantage for dog owners of fitting a vehicle-specific Travall guard is that it will allow you to drive safely without any distractions. As your pet will be sitting safely in the back of your Mercedes, you also won’t have to spend time cleaning dirty paw prints from the car’s carpets and upholstery.