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Rubber Mats for Mercedes Benz

As the owner of a prestige vehicle, you obviously want to keep it looking its best. And a dirty interior is certainly one of the things which could compromise the integrity of your Mercedes. Not to mention its resale value.

We’ve rubber car mats to fit most models of Mercedes-Benz, including the GLA, C-Class, E-Class, A-Class, B-Class and the Sprinter. And when we say fit, we really mean it. That’s because each one is carefully adapted to your particular car. The very latest technology has been used to not only take accurate measurements of each class of Mercedes, but to design and manufacture these hardwearing car mats from a hardwearing yet flexible rubber compound that will not crack or fade. Giving you a premium product that will exactly match the shape of your vehicle’s interior.

This bespoke method of production also makes installation and removal simplicity itself, and the mats use your car’s existing fixing points to ensure they remain very firmly in place. You’ll also have the warm and pleasant aroma of vanilla on all your journeys, as we’ve infused the mats with this most refreshing of scents.