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From our world-leading Guard and Divider to tough rubber Boot Mat Liners and Floor Mats, we’ve created a range of premium quality Mitsubishi accessories which, being vehicle-specific, will fit your car perfectly. Far superior to the cheaper, universal style products, they also come with many innovative design features and use high quality materials. In the case of the Travall Guard, this means laser-cut, precision-welded mild steel, which is finished with a scratch-resistant nylon-powder coating three times thicker than the finish found on competitor guards.

Although loved by dog owners, our guards are certainly not just for those with pets. That’s because they can also arrest the progress of loose objects in car which, in the event of a head-on collision, can cause serious injury as they travel at speed through a vehicle. So fitting a Travall Guard in your Mitsubishi could actually help to save lives. It’s most definitely a wise investment if you go anywhere with a rear-facing child seat fitted. Adding a Travall Divider to your guard can also help you to maximise the available loading space in your car – ideal for camping trips, weekends away and family holidays.