Boot Mats for Mitsubishi

The boot of the Outlander is pretty spacious. But while this is great if you’re looking to pack a lot into the back of the Mitsubishi, it’s not so great when you have to spend a long time trying to keep it clean. And that’s why our Outlander Boot Mat Liners are such a great investment – saving you time and offering fantastic protection against the many things which could potentially ruin the look of the large boot floor.

ASX 2010 - 2016
Boot Mats for ASX 2010 - 2016

Outlander 2012 - 2015
Boot Mats for Outlander 2012 - 2015

Outlander 2015 - 2018
Boot Mats for Outlander 2015 - 2018

ASX 2016 ->
Boot Mats for ASX 2016 ->

Outlander Sport 2014 ->
Boot Mats for Outlander Sport 2014 ->

Outlander Phev 2014 - 2018
Boot Mats for Outlander Phev 2014 - 2018

Outlander Sport 2010 - 2014
Boot Mats for Outlander Sport 2010 - 2014

Outlander Phev 2018 ->
Boot Mats for Outlander Phev 2018 ->

Outlander 2018 ->
Boot Mats for Outlander 2018 ->

They are made using the precise dimensions of your particular model. So we can guarantee a perfect fit - something you don’t get with the cheaper universal mats. Using an advanced rubber compound we’ve created a Mitsubishi mat that’s tough and hardwearing yet flexible and lightweight. And it won’t crack or fade. We’ve also given it a non-slip surface finish and a raised outer edge that will stop any spills getting through to the carpet beneath.

Because of the custom-made design of our Boot Mat Liner, you will still have access to all the anchor points on the boot floor of your Outlander. It also means it is very easy to install and just as quick to remove when you need to clean it – which can be done with a shake or a hose down. All our mats are also infused with a long-lasting vanilla scent to keep your Mitsubishi smelling great as well as looking good.