• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Rubber Mats for Mitsubishi

Fit a Travall 100% natural Mitsubishi rubber car mat into your car, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of one that’s been designed for your model alone, and no other. The advantages of Mitsubishi rubber mats are two-fold. Firstly, it will fit like no universal type of car mat ever could. We’ve taken accurate measurements of your Mitsubishi, so we’ve been able to produce a mat that blends in beautifully with is interior, even going so far as to use the existing fixing points in your car to ensure it won’t move around. Secondly, having a Mitsubishi rubber car mat made just for your model means it is incredibly easy to install and, when it needs to be cleaned, remove.

It comes with an ingenious raised outer lip that will trap and contain all manner of unwanted debris – from mud and dirty water to road salt and sand. We’ve impregnated all our Mitsubishi rubber mats with an attractive vanilla scent. So not only will your car look good, it will smell good too. And you may be surprised to learn that, even with all these key features, our mats come at a highly competitive price.

If you’re considering buying one of our Mitsubishi rubber car mats, you’re obviously interested in the appearance of you vehicle. So you may like to take a look at our other Mitsubishi accessories, including waterproof car seat covers and boot mat liners, rear bumper protectors and custom-made Mitsubishi dog guards and dividers.