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Boot Mats for Nissan

When you think of all the things you throw in the boot of your Nissan, it’s almost inevitable that sooner or later an accident is going to happen, whether that’s a spill from the week’s shopping or muddy boot marks after a hike in the country. If you want to protect this most vulnerable area, installing a hardwearing Nissan Bot Mat Liner from Travall could very well be the answer.

The great thing about our boot liners, apart from their toughness and flexibility, is the fact that they are tailored specifically for your car. In our Nissan range we have boot mats that have been manufactured exclusively for the Qashqai and the X-Trail – giving you a far superior fit to that you’ll get from any of the cheaper, universal-style mats, while still allowing you to make use of the handy anchor points on your Nissan’s boot floor.

We’ve created our mats from an advanced rubber compound which will give you many years of wear, without cracking or fading. To keep your car smelling as good as it looks, we’ve infused this rubber with a long-lasting vanilla fragrance. All our boot mat liners come with a raised outer lip designed to safely contain any spills and liquids.