• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Dog Guards for Peugeot

From the 208, 308 and 508 to the larger 3008, 4008 and 5008, we have created an extensive range of premium, custom-made dog guards for the whole Peugeot family. All are expertly engineered from a high-grade mild steel which has been laser cut, precision welded and completed with an ultra-tough, nylon-powder finish that’s unique to Travall. For this highly-durable, scratch-resistant coating we’ve chosen a neutral shade of grey which will complement most modern interior colour schemes. As for the fit of the guard, as it has been created especially for the Peugeot you drive, it will look just as if it came with your car direct from the factory.

As the Travall Guard is vehicle-specific, it’s also extremely easy to install. You won’t have to have it done by the professionals at your nearest Peugeot dealership, and you can do the job at home in around 10 minutes, using tools you’re almost certain to already own. Unlike some custom guards, it doesn’t require any modifications to your vehicle. So no messy and drilling or unsightly holes in the interior, which could ultimately affect the resale value of your car.

If you have a dog, installing this guard means they’ll be able to sit in their very own space in the rear of your Peugeot – putting an end to distractions while you’re driving and dirty paws on your clean upholstery and carpets. But far more important is the role that the Travall Guard can play in protecting you and your passengers from the dangers of driving with loose cargo.

Statistics show that every year hundreds of people are injured, some of them fatally, by the kind of unsecured items we probably all carry in our vehicles at some point. In a collision, or even following sharp turning or sudden braking, things like shopping, groceries, tools and luggage are propelled forwards at considerable speed, and at many times their original weight. However, by fitting this guard there will be a strong barrier to arrest the progress of such items. So far from being just another Peugeot accessory, this one could actually save lives.