Accessories for Porsche

Having invested quite a considerable amount in your Porsche, you really don’t want to compromise its good looks by equipping it with inferior accessories. Neither should you consider ‘universal’ accessories, which are designed to fit any number of vehicles. Not least because their installation often involves a lot of work. No, if you’re looking for innovative design, a perfect fit and high quality materials, look to Travall and our range of premium, vehicle-specific Porsche accessories.

Whether you have a Macan or Cayenne, the Travall Guard could make every journey a lot safer by protecting you and your passengers from the often serious injuries which can be caused by the most everyday of objects, if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a frontal collision. If you have a dog as well as a Porsche, and they are a regular passenger in your vehicle, you’ll also be able to drive free from distractions, while the expensive upholstery and carpeting will remain free of paw prints.

Fitting a Travall Guard really couldn’t be easier, or quicker. It can be done at home, without expensive bills from your Porsche dealership, and requires no modification to the interior of your car – unlike some vehicle-specific guards which require unsightly drilling for installation. In fact, you can do the job yourself in around 15 minutes. When you’re taking a trip when the Guard is not required, it can be removed very easily and quickly. The Guard itself is expertly engineered from high-grade mild steel which has been laser-cut, precision welded and then finished with a unique nylon-powder coating; three times thicker than that on competitor guards.

The Travall Guard is available for both the Cayenne and Macan. We also have a handy cargo Divider just for the Cayenne, and a hardwearing Boot Mat Liner designed just for the Macan, which is moulded from an advanced rubber compound.