Dog Guards for Porsche

Having invested in a Porsche, why even consider fitting a cheap accessory? Especially one which will compromise the great looking interior of your Cayenne. Unlike universal dog guards which may fit many vehicles, the Travall Guard has been designed and expertly engineered just for the car you drive. And when it comes to build quality, none of the cheap ‘one size fits all’ guards come close.

Cayenne 2010 - 2014
Dog Guards for Cayenne 2010 - 2014

Macan 2014 ->
Dog Guards for Macan 2014 ->

Cayenne 2014 - 2017
Dog Guards for Cayenne 2014 - 2017

Cayenne 2017 ->
Dog Guards for Cayenne 2017 ->

Utilising the very latest manufacturing techniques, including laser cutting and precision welding, we form high-grade mild steel into a strong guard which we then complete with a tough nylon-powder coating which is unique to Travall, making it highly scratch resistant. The neutral grey shade we have chosen for this coating is sure to complement the interior of your Cayenne.

The Travall Guard can be fitted very easily at home in around 15 minutes, using only basic tools. So no expensive installation bills from your Porsche dealer or garage. And, unlike some other custom-made dog guards, ours require no drilling or unsightly modifications to your Cayenne. We understand that you may not want to use the guard on every journey you take, so we’ve made it just as simple to remove if not required, taking just seconds. And it’s just as quick and easy to reinstall.

Our guard is designed not only for dog owners, although it can put an end to potentially dangerous distractions from your pet and dirty paw prints on your Cayenne’s carpeting and seats. It is also an essential accessory for anyone who ever travels in their car with unsecured cargo. And surely that’s all of us at some time or another? You see every year thousands of people are injured (some of them fatally) by the kind of things found in most vehicles, whether that’s shopping, luggage or heavier items like tools or golf clubs. In a collision, the strong Travall Guard will arrest the progress of these loose items, preventing it from harming you and your passengers.