Boot Mats for SEAT

When you consider that the boot is one of most vulnerable areas of any car, and that damage or wear and tear can have an adverse effect on resale values, it really does make sense to invest in a boot mat liner like this hardwearing premium version from Travall. It offers great protection against all those things which could potentially ruin the appearance of your SEAT – from muddy paw prints to dirty walking shoes and spilt milk from the month’s groceries.

Alhambra 2010 - 2015
Boot Mats for Alhambra 2010 - 2015

Exeo ST 2008 - 2013
Boot Mats for Exeo ST 2008 - 2013

Leon ST 2013 - 2017
Boot Mats for Leon ST 2013 - 2017

Ibiza ST 2015 ->
Boot Mats for Ibiza ST 2015 ->

Alhambra 2015 ->
Boot Mats for Alhambra 2015 ->

Ateca 2016 ->
Boot Mats for Ateca 2016 ->

Ibiza 5 Door Hatchback 2017 ->
Boot Mats for Ibiza 5 Door Hatchback 2017 ->

Ibiza SC 2017 ->
Boot Mats for Ibiza SC 2017 ->

Arona 2017 ->
Boot Mats for Arona 2017 ->

Tarraco 2018 ->
Boot Mats for Tarraco 2018 ->

Leon ST 2017 ->
Boot Mats for Leon ST 2017 ->

What makes our SEAT Boot Mat Liners really stand out is that they are tailor-made just for your particular make and model. We’ve taken the exact interior dimensions of the Alhambra and Exeo ST and created a superior, vehicle-specific product offering the perfect fit. As such, it still allows access to all those handy anchor points in the boot of your SEAT. And there’s no cutting to shape, which is often a requirement of the cheap ‘one size fits all’ type of boot mat.

For our SEAT boot mats we’ve chosen a tough rubber compound, which is also surprisingly light and flexible; making installation and removal for cleaning very easy. This compound will not crack or fade and has been infused with a long-lasting vanilla scent – very handy if you often travel with dogs in the rear of your car. If that is the case, our SEAT Boot Mat Liner will also help to deaden road noise and vibrations; creating a far more comfortable environment for your four-legged friend.