• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Dog Guards for SEAT

Discover the SEAT dog guard that we have exclusively for our customers via the Travall website. You will be impressed with the quality and innovative features of our Seat car accessories as well as their price tags. Purchase a SEAT dog guard online today and enjoy the benefits including a safer journey whilst your pet has the perfect place to relax whilst travelling. Take a look at our SEAT boot mat liners which fit certain models, today.

We have created a range of SEAT dog guards that fit various models including the SEAT Altea, Ibiza, Exeo and more. A SEAT pet barrier can easily be installed without the need of professional assistance; they can also be removed just as simply for when you are going for a drive without your dog. We design and manufacture our SEAT dog guards with high quality materials so you can be assured you are receiving value for money. You will be able to fully concentrate on the open road ahead with your dog settled safely and securely in the boot, with no way of being able to jump through into the car and become a distraction to yourself or passengers.

If you appreciate our SEAT dog barrier range then make sure to take a look at the SEAT vehicle carpet mats we have. These will fit into a number of different models creating a stylish finish.