Expertly manufactured exclusively for the SEAT Alhambra, these premium-quality sill guards are a cost-effective way of protecting an area of your car that’s always going to be prone to everyday wear and tear.

We’re guessing there will be many people getting in and out of your SEAT over the course of its life. And each one of them could very easily scratch or mark the sills with their shoes or boots. This is why these guards are such a great investment, helping you to keep your car looking its best, especially when you consider the paintwork on the sills is hard to repair successfully.

Travall SillGuards are made from a stainless steel which, because of its high quality, is extremely resistant to corrosion, unlike cheaper guards, which use a lower grade material. They are also thicker than most of the other guards widely available on the market. While a lot of competitor products use stainless steel which is usually between 0.5 and 0.7mm thick, ours are considerably thicker at 1mm. This makes them far less susceptible to denting from heavy knocks.

Alhambra 2010 - 2015
Alhambra 2010 - 2015

Another big advantage our sill guards for SEAT is that they are vehicle specific. Made just for the make and model of car you drive, they provide the best possible fit. So much so that they will look like they have been factory fitted. They will certainly fit better than any of the universal-style guards, which can be used on any number of different vehicles.

You can install a set of Travall SillGuards on your Alhambra in around 15 minutes – without the need for any tools. This is easily done with the super-strong 3M™ double-sided tape which will be supplied with your order, along with an easy-to-follow illustrated fitting guide.