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Boot Mats for Skoda

Whether you drive a Skoda Octavia, Superb, Yeti or Roomster, we think you’ll find these Travall boot mat liners are the perfect way of keeping the rear of your vehicle in the best condition, free from the damage that dirt and spills can cause to an unprotected boot.

Our boot mat liners have been designed and manufactured to fit precisely in whatever make of Skoda you have. This means they have many advantages over the cheap ‘one size fits all’ mats, not least the fact that they are incredibly easy to install and, when they need a clean, to remove.

Although manufactured from a tough rubber compound, they are lightweight and flexible. They combine a non-slip surface with a unique raised outer lip that ensures any spills are safely contained within the liner, without leaking through to the boot floor below.

If you own a pet, you may also like to know that our Skoda boot mats are impregnated with a pleasant, long-lasting vanilla scent that will keep your car smelling fresh for a long time to come. And they are designed in such a way as to allow easy access to all your Skoda’s existing load fixing anchor points in the boot space.