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Dog Guards for Skoda

With the Skoda as the car of choice for motorists looking for that all-important combination of style, quality and value for money, we’re creating even more dogs guards for cars from this increasingly popular manufacturer. Currently, we have high quality guards for the Skoda Yeti, Fabia, Roomster, Octavia, Superb, Citigo and Rapid Spaceback. All of them have been designed just for the car you drive, and all are made from high-grade mild steel. This has been laser cut, precision welded then coated with a nylon-powder that has been developed exclusively for Travall. This makes the guard very tough and extremely resistant to scratches.

Unlike the cheaper, universal-style guards which have been made to fit all types of vehicles from many different manufacturers, ours have been designed and engineered exclusively for the vehicle you drive, even down to its year of manufacture. This not only makes them simple to install (taking around 10 minutes) but much stronger too. And this is so important if you want to protect yourself and your passengers from the very real dangers of travelling with unsecured cargo in your Skoda.

Every year there are a high number of serious injuries caused by the everyday items we all carry in our cars. In a collision, things like tools, luggage and even the weekly shopping could cause considerable harm as they travel through the car at speed. Even sudden or sharp braking could cause them to fly forward. With a strong Travall Guard installed in your car, you’ll be protected on every journey you take. However, if you decide you don’t need the guard on a particular trip, it can be removed in seconds, and reinstalled just as quickly.

The benefits for dog owners are also clear. With your pet sitting safely in the rear of your Skoda, you will be free of distractions while driving, which is will prove very useful if your dog is large or overly energetic. And just think, there’ll be no need to clean the upholstery and carpets after they’ve had dirty paw prints on them.