• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Rubber Mats for Skoda

Skoda rubber car mats from Travall are made from a hardwearing rubber compound that will just last and last, without cracking or fading. Perhaps best of all, they have been made just for your model, whether that’s an Octavia, Fabia, Superb, Roomster, Rapid or Skoda Yeti.

We’ve already got the measurements of your particular Skoda, and we use these to construct mats that will give you the very best fit of all – certainly far superior to the widely available one-size-fits-all type of mat. One big advantage this brings is that our mats are incredibly easy to install.

Our rubber mats are also easy to remove and re-fit when cleaning is required. A job that can be done in minutes. They come impregnated with a pleasant vanilla scent that will keep your car smelling fresh for a long, long time and, to catch and retain dirt and any liquids that are accidently spilt or brought in from outside, such as dirty rainwater, each mat also has a raised outer edge. Unlike some of the cheaper Skoda car mats, which can get stuck under the accelerator and brake pedals, these will stay firmly in place, that’s because they come with tailor-made fixings to keep them firmly in place. All you need to do is slot them into the existing fixing points in your car.