Rubber Mats for Subaru

Travall Mats are made from a durable rubber compound that will last and last without cracking or fading. Even better, they are made just for the Subaru you drive. This not only means easy installation, but a fit that will be far superior to that of any of the cheap ‘one size fits all’ mats that can be found in most accessory superstores. As their shape follows perfectly the shape of the Subaru’s floor, there will be no gaps down which debris and spilt liquids can escape. This is also assured by the fact that Travall Mats have a raised outer edge to safely contain any dirt, which could potentially spoil the look of the carpeting.

Offering outstanding protection against everyday wear and tear, our Subaru rubber car mats are currently available for the Forester and Outback, with sets comprising mats for both the front and rear. Travall Mats come with vehicle-specific fittings which align with the existing mat anchor points in your Subaru. This ensures the mats will not ride up under the foot pedals, which could prove dangerous while driving. While protecting the vulnerable carpeting of your car, Travall Mats will also do a great job of covering up any damage that’s already there, giving the interior a new lease of life.

Forester SJ 2012 - 2016
Rubber Mats for Forester SJ 2012 - 2016

Outback BS 2014 ->
Rubber Mats for Outback BS 2014 ->

Forester SJ 2016 ->
Rubber Mats for Forester SJ 2016 ->