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Boot Mats for Vauxhall

When you consider all the things you have to carry in the boot of your Vauxhall, it’s somewhat inevitable that accidents will happen, whether that’s a leak from your weekly supermarket shop, a muddy dog or those bedding plants you’re brining home from the garden centre. If you still have the carpeting on your boot floor, things like this can so easily ruin the look of your car interior, which could have a detrimental effect if you ever consider reselling it.

The best way to protect your vehicle’s boot, and your investment, is with this high-quality Vauxhall Boot Mat Liner from Travall. Tough and hardwearing, yet lightweight and flexible, its outstanding fit comes from that fact that it has been manufactured just for your model, whether that’s an Insignia, Astra, Meriva, Mokka or Vauxhall Zafira.

Whatever you drive, you’ll be getting a premium Vauxhall accessory that incorporates a raised outer edge to safely contain spills, a long-lasting vanilla scent and an attractive, non-slip surface pattern. And, as the mat you buy will have been created just for your car, you’ll still have access to all those handy anchor points in the boot. If you’re boot floor is already showing signs of wear and tear, our Boot Mat Liner will also cover up any marks or stains.