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Dog Guards for Vauxhall

There are literally thousands of Vauxhall accessories out there on the market, but there aren’t that many which could actually save your life. Although an ideal accessory for dog owners who travel with their pet, the Travall Guard can play a much bigger role in road safety, by preventing serious injury from the unsecured cargo that a lot of us have in our cars at some time or another; things like the weekly shopping, luggage, toolboxes and baby buggies.

Any of these items could prove dangerous when travelling at speed through your Vauxhall following a collision, or even if you have to brake suddenly. But with one of our guards fitted, there will be a strong barrier between your cargo and the car’s occupants, doing a far better job of protecting you and your passengers than any of the cheaper, universal-style products.

All our high-quality guards are made exclusively for the vehicle you drive. For Vauxhalls, we have created custom-made versions for the Antara, Astra, Meriva, Mokka, Insignia and Zafira. Each one is engineered from a high-grade mild steel using the latest manufacturing techniques. They are then given a tough nylon-powder coating unique to Travall that makes them exceptionally resistant to scratches.

Following the clearly illustrated installation guide, you can fit the Travall Guard in your Vauxhall in around 10 minutes, using just basic tools. Unlike some custom-made guards, ours do not require any modifications to the interior of your vehicle. So no need for any drilling, which would leave unsightly holes which could affect the car’s resale value. As the job can be done very easily at home, neither will you have to pay any installation bills from your Vauxhall dealer of local garage.

Aside from the safety aspects, fitting a Travall Guard has many advantages for dog owners too. Not least the fact that they’ll be able to concentrate fully on their driving and the road ahead, without distractions from any over-enthusiastic pets. And no more muddy paw prints on the seats or carpet.