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Dividers for Volkswagen

To go with our world-leading Volkswagen dog guards, we have also created a range of handy, vehicle-specific dividers for the Passat, Golf, Touareg, Touran and Sharan. Installing one in your Volkswagen will mean you’ll be able to load your car far more easily and efficiently – especially useful if you have one of the more spacious VWs.

Before setting off on a journey, you’ll also be able to separate items which you really don’t want sitting together for any period of time – your dog and the week’s food shopping, for example. As this premium quality Divider must be fitted to a Travall Dog Guard, you’ll also be travelling far more safely – without having to worry about the serious injuries which unsecured cargos can cause if you’re involved in a collision.

Our experienced engineers use laser-cutting and precision-welding techniques to create the sturdy frame and mesh of this Volkswagen Divider. They then use an organic-based nylon coating to make it ultra-tough and resistant to everyday knocks and scratches.

With no modifications to your vehicle whatsoever, you can install this Volkswagen Divider in around ten minutes. And all you need is a simple hex key, which, along with an easy-to-follow fitting guide, will come with your order.