Dividers for Volvo

Created especially for the model of Volvo you drive, this premium-quality Divider from Travall has been carefully designed to make loading your vehicle far safer and a whole lot easier. That’s because it will allow you to separate your Volvo’s cargo area into two distinct spaces – ideal if you have a dog or want to keep things apart in the boot.

V50 Estate (2004-2012)
Dividers for V50 Estate (2004-2012)

V60 Estate (2010-2014)
Dividers for V60 Estate (2010-2014)

V70 Estate (2000-2007)
Dividers for V70 Estate (2000-2007)

V70 Estate (2007-2012)
Dividers for V70 Estate (2007-2012)

XC60 (2008-2014)
Dividers for XC60 (2008-2014)

XC70 (2002-2007)
Dividers for XC70 (2002-2007)

XC70 (2007-2014)
Dividers for XC70 (2007-2014)

XC90 (2015 ->)
Dividers for XC90 (2015 ->)

V90 Estate (2016 ->)

XC60 (2014 ->)
Dividers for XC60 (2014 ->)

XC70 (2014 ->)
Dividers for XC70 (2014 ->)

We have dividers for the V50, V60, V70, XC60 and XC70. All of them are made to the same exacting standard as our world-leading dog guards. That means we take a high-grade mild steel and laser-cut and precision weld it into this very handy Volvo accessory. It is then finished with a tough, nylon-powder coating that has been developed exclusively for Travall, giving it remarkable scratch-resistance and more than capable of standing up to everyday knocks.

Along with a clear and concise fitting guide you’ll get a simple hex key, which is the only tool you’ll need to install our Divider. If you decide you don’t need it on a journey, it takes just seconds to remove. And is just as quick and easy to reinstall. So, if you want to pack your Volvo even more effectively, we think you’ll find our Divider an indispensable addition to the Travall Dog Guard.